Sas Tappas in Mamujada

November 4, 2016 To November 6, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy Sardinia Mamoiada (Nuoro)

The event Sas Tappas in Mamujada arrives this year its fourteenth edition November 4 to 6 in 2016. A success from the first year of accession to the circuit Autumn in Barbagia. In 2003 he founded the innovative idea to create a food and wine and craft route mamoiadina resume its tradition of making "stage" (stop) in cellars and in the homes of friends to taste a piece of cheese, bread and a glass of wine . That is how this path in the heart of the country, combining on the one hand the culinary tradition of Mamoiada boasting among other original recipes and confectionery tradition of respect and on the other the craft tradition that ranges from the creation of the masks Mamuthones on the knife work, the work of wood carving to the manufacture of traditional costumes and various artistic works born in recent years in the wake of the event. To complete the picture of course can not miss the exhibition in the streets of the historic center of Mamuthones Issohadores that have always fascinated visitors. Some years are also hosted "tappas" foreign or regional, thus creating a cultural exchange and a comparison with other realities. Associated with exposure to food and wine tastings and there are also various cultural activities, events and exhibitions organized in support of the event, missed visits to the Museum of the Mediterranean Masks, The Mater, the Museum of Culture and Labour and the two seat Cultural associations Pro Loco and Atzeni Beccoi who complete this original journey through flavors and tradition in the "country of the masks."

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November 16, 2016 To November 20, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy, Emilia, Bologna Piazza Maggiore

Cioccoshow 2016: under the sign of good chocolate! Gluttonous and greedy of all ages, listen Listen! Whatever your zodiac sign or your rising, we expect all of you a 2016 full of good chocolate: November 16 to 20 back to the twelfth edition of Bologna Cioccoshow! Five days filled with tasty initiatives that will make even more "gentle" walk in the historic city center. Courses, workshops, demonstrations, entertainment and more ... discover the full program and book right now your courses! We wait with many new features to be discovered and a certainty: the horoscope Cioccoshow plans in your future ... much chocolate! Do not miss!

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Alba Truffle Show

October 8, 2016 To November 27, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy - Alba - Cuneo (CN)

Alba Truffle Show From 09 October To 27 November Cortile della Maddalena Opening Hours ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FROM 8th OCTOBER TO 27thth NOVEMBER SCHEDULED EVENTS ALSO ON MONDAY 31st OCTOBER AND TUESDAY 1st NOVEMBER Further tasty moments unfold at the International Alba White Truffle Fair with the Alba Truffle Show, a large container of gourmet events paying tribute to the Chefs of the Langhe and Roero region, but also to all those who, through their dishes, have always enhanced the White Truffle of Alba. These meetings are held every Saturday and Sunday of the Fair at the central courtyard "Cortile della Maddalena", home of the Alba White Truffle World Market. What can you do at the Alba Truffle Show? Live some unique taste experiences, attend thematic book presentations, meet international Chefs and sample their delicacies. FOODIES MOMENTS (upon reservation /admission fee) The Foodie Moments, focused on gourmet, celebrate the union between haute cuisine and the White Truffle of Alba, among taste, luxury and beauty. It is a Show-Cooking of the highest level created with the aim of guiding the visitors within the top master kitchens, discovering the secrets of the most popular national and international level chefs who, for this event, devote their creativity to dishes customised for the White Truffle of Alba TALKS AND SHOW-COOKINGS WITH BIG GUESTS (free admission) The Alba Truffle Show is also about entertainment, culture and fun. During every weekend of the Fair, special guests from the show and media business talk about every topic concerning truffles: debates, meetings, book launches, talk shows, performances, workshops for people with coeliac disease and Show-Cookings in Italian Sign Language . SENSORY EXPERIENCES WINE TASTING EXPERIENCE e TRUFFLE SENSORY ANALYSIS (upon reservation/admission fee) The calendar provides, furthermore, a series of special events named Wine Tasting Experiences: the original wine tasting formula devised by the "Strada del Barolo and Renowned Langa Wines of Langa" where you can taste the excellence of the extraordinary wine-growing heritage of the Langhe and Roero and its related truffle sensory analysis classes to understand and grab all (or almost all) the secrets and scents of our famous Tuber magnatum Pico. WINE TASTING EXPERIENCE® Further info: - TRUFFLE SENSORY ANALYSIS Further info: -

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Gathering of the Historical Processions

September 16, 2016 To September 18, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy - Apulia - Gravina (BA)

With the Rally of Historical Parades, which annually takes place on the 3rd week of September in Gravina in Puglia, the nundinae Study Centre is within the Cultural Activities Program promoted by the Puglia Region in partnership with the municipality of Gravina in Puglia and Hector Foundation Pomarici Santomasi. The event, international in scope, is also broad consensus and unanimous approval by the European Printing (FEST), with numerous reviews in newspapers. From 1 January 2005, following the numerous historical - cultural initiatives undertaken in the field of research and historical re-enactment, the Studies and Research Center nundinae adheres to C.E.R.S. (European Pageants Consortium).

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Assisi Forgiveness

August 1, 2016 To August 2, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy, Umbria, Assisi PG

What made it known all over the world the Portiuncula is above all the singular privilege of Indulgences, which goes by the name of "Pardon of Assisi", or - precisely -Indulgenza the Portiuncula, and eight centuries it converges towards it millions of pilgrims eager to cross the "gate of eternal life" to find peace and forgiveness. The Feast of Forgiveness begins the morning of August 1 and ends on the evening of August 2, days in which the Portiuncula Indulgence, here granted for every day of the year, extending to the parish churches and Franciscan worldwide. The most important religious aspect of the "Pardon of Assisi" - and every Indulgence - is the great spiritual benefit to the faithful, stimulated, to enjoy its benefits, confession and holy communion. Confession, preceded and accompanied by contrition for sins committed and the commitment to mend from their evil forever live as one's life according to the Gospel, as did all the saints Francis and Clare in particular, starting from the Porziuncola . The event of the Portiuncula Pardon remains an infinite manifestation of the mercy of God and a sign of the apostolic zeal of Francis of Assisi.

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Pennabilli Antiques

July 9, 2016 To July 24, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Pennabilli

PENNABILLI, MONTEFELTRO, TONINO GUERRA The Exhibition of Antique of Pennabilli City is steeped in history and in the green of Montefeltro, between Romagna and Marche. Only 40 km from Rimini, Montefeltro is a great place for a weekend away from the beach crowd, discovering of mysterious castles and fortified villages, cities rich in art and history, fresh landscapes away from the traffic and concrete, houses where the kitchen and the hospitality were those of the past. In particular, the city of Pennabilli is a small Pearl to discover, perched on the western slopes of Monte Carpegna. Pennabilli, characteristic village with medieval, owes its name to the union of two ancient castles, that of Billi on Rupe and Penna, above the Roccione. Despite the small size (currently has about 3,000 inhabitants) boasts Pennabilli a past rich in history that oozes from the walls and the perfectly preserved buildings. Pennabilli century, it is on one hand a link with the Malatesta, which boasts of being the "cradle", before it descended family in Romagna, Verucchio and Rimini; the other, the strong sense of belonging to the Duchy of Urbino, which marks the Marches fate of the center and the link with the Montefeltro family before and Della Rovere then. Moreover, Pennabilli is from 1572 seat of the Diocese of Montefeltro (now called S. Marino Montefeltro): the Cathedral, the Shrine of St. Augustine with the monument of the Madonna delle Grazie, the Convent of the Augustinian, the Church and the Hospital of Mercy they are a tangible sign of this important role for centuries. a great testimonial of our days of Pennabilli is the poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra Romagnolo, who conceived and designed the museum spread the places of the soul, which winds through the village of Pennabilli and the High Val Marecchia. The seven open-air museums, united by a common vision to urge the soul and imagination of the visitor, are The Garden of Forgotten Fruits, which collects the species disappeared from local fruit trees and works of art created by artists of area; The Road of Sundials, which runs through the center of the country and is embellished with seven sundials depicting famous paintings; The petrified garden, in the hamlet of Bascio, which houses seven ceramic carpets dedicated to as many historical figures; The Angel with Moustache multimedia work in the Chapel of the Fallen; the Sanctuary of Thoughts a meditation garden adorned with stone sculptures Oriental; Refuge of Abandoned Madonnas, which includes a collection of sacred images that adorned the cells at the intersections of country roads in the Upper Marecchia; Our Lady of the Snow Rectangle is a church located in the woods, built, it is said, thanks to a divine sign. In Pennabilli there is also a space named "The World of Tonino Guerra" where hospitality is his artistic work: not only a museum, but also a living place in which the poet presents his work, holds screenwriting classes, stages his reading Theatre, meets students and thanks to the archive, the library, photo library, and the library set up inside, it is time for study and analysis of his work and the context in which it was born and developed. TRADITION AND QUALITY The exhibition of Antique of Pennabilli City is one of the oldest festivals of our country for over thirty years is the reference point for thousands of ancient art lovers who wish to spend a "moment" total quality. Quality that is found as from the places that host the show, far from distracting and sometimes anonymous fairgrounds, the exhibition of Pennabilli is steeped in history and in the green of Montefeltro. It 'a "journey" real and figured among ancient fortified villages bursting with art and poetry, unspoiled landscapes and genuine hospitality, in proximity to the sea. The visit to the exhibition is a cultural experience all round. Otherwise it would be difficult to understand how this event will grow and bloom every year in a small town of only three thousand inhabitants in a valley dotted with small villages who, alone, can not justify the large and knowledgeable audience that is found in each edition. TOURISM AND TERRITORY Summer tourism has increasingly diversified to meet the changing and growing needs of the Italian and foreign guests; so, after a day at the beach, there's nothing better than a few hours of rest in the hills, in the Montefeltro region. Here you will discover mysterious castles and fortified villages, cities rich in art and history, fresh landscapes away from the traffic and concrete, houses where the kitchen and the hospitality were those of the past. In Pennabilli site contains historical information and art related to the city area and the whole area "Malatesta" with detailed directions to places and routes to visit. Do not miss tourist signs for a pleasant stay, suggestions for overnight stays and many proposals for wine tastings. The holiday will be even more pleasant if combined with the opportunity for a culture of excellent quality appointment as Pennabilli Antiques. Like every year, this great little museum half an hour from the sea (Rimini is only 40km), it will offer the public the excitement of lay eyes on authentic masterpieces which the patina of time added to their intrinsic beauty of the memory charm.

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Donkey Palio

July 16, 2016 To July 24, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy - Mercatello s/Metauro (PU)

The Palio is held the third Sunday of July each year, and throughout the week that precedes it are organized various events (Donkey Show, F1 Race biroccini, Festival of the noodle, various games.

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Medieval Days in Poggio di Otricoli

July 15, 2016 To July 17, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy - Otricoli - TR

Medieval days of the ancient castle of Poggio di Mezzo. For three days and three nights, from 20 hours up to later ones, the most immersive middle ages, dynamic and collegiate. During the third weekend of July, the country seems to go down a sort of enchantment and distant past is commemorated with a talent and a really surprising liveliness. Wherever artists, craftsmen and colorful characters will welcome between games, music, dancing and traveling shows, in an atmosphere of great celebration: "For three continuous days the people of the village, the castle and the countryside and the fertile countryside of the proud Castle knoll half will compete in the games, and will govern the taverns with holy mug madonna Filomena, for the comfort of the empty stomachs and parched throats ... "

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Santa Cristina Festival

July 23, 2016 To July 25, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Italy - Gallipoli, Lecce

Holy Cristina, co-patron together with Holy Agata, of the City of Gallipoli, it is the protectress of the people of sea from when, in 1867, sipped the city from the cholera that it had been raging for months. In Aldo Moro square stands, in the Chapel to her devoted, a beautiful statue in cartapesta that withdraws her tied up to a pole and pierced through by arrows, as martyr was dead, to alone 20 years in the 290 d. C. The celebrations are characterized for the beautiful illuminations for the whole Course Rome called "the villa" and for her "Abundance sea" in the breast of the Reed in mean to an exultant crowd. The Abundance is a competition among athletic young people that must be climbed on a vertical pole, greasy of fat, sets to bow of a fishing-boat. The objective is a tricolor flag it posts to the extremity. According to an ancient belief, in the day of Saint Cristina, the bath could not be made to sea because the Saint brought her/it "steddha." Such belief was born in 1807, when a child 11-year-old died in sea and was thought about the fact as to a transgression of the sacred day that must be sanctified with the renouncement to the pleasures. Still today in someone this fear survives.

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Infiorata di Noto

May 15, 2016 To May 16, 2016

Official Website :-
Venue :- Noto Syracuse

Every year on the third Sunday of May is dedicated to 'floral display event in the city of Noto. The event began thirty-seven years ago by a group of artists infioratori Genzanesi and netini, and it is precisely in the town of Genzano, in the province of Rome, which develops this new painting technique. Via Corrado Nicolaci is the way where does the floral display, the impact is strong, top Montevergini Church as opposed to the Prince's palace Nicolaci "Golden Villa", with balconies that have been defined by many the most beautiful of world. Today the floral display of Noto is considered among the most beautiful events of the entire Island.

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