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Goose Palio - Goose's Salami Festival

Goose Palio - Goose's Salami Festival

The Palio "City of Mortara" has been held since 1970 on the last Sunday of September, in conjunction with the Sacrament of Mortara's goose salami. It is preceded by a historical procession of the Sforza era, consisting of over 400 figures.

Giochi de le Porte - Palio di San Michele Arcangelo

Giochi de le Porte - Palio di San Michele Arcangelo

Three days of celebration, from reading the announcement to the opening of the taverns at Friday's flagship show, to the wonderful historic procession on Saturday, Sundays and Sundays. It starts on Friday with the tavern day (opening and exchanging gifts between the four doors) and the Bandwriters. Saturday is the day of the historic procession, preceded by the evidence of the jugglers who will fa....



A flower Who has not received or given a flower in life? A flower means scent, color, smile, weeping, emotion, remember! How many moments of our lives are linked and stressed by these beautiful and fragile creatures of nature! Looking at the customs of the various peoples, we understand how much the language of flowers is interpreted differently in the various civilizations. But in 1990, two Fre....

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