National White Truffle Fair

October 25, 2015 To October 25, 2015

Official Website :-
Venue :- Sant'Agata Feltria, Rimini - Italy

Every Sunday in October A national event held every year for the past three decades that attracts numerous connoisseurs of the delicious and fragrant white truffle. Hypnotized by the “truffle”, as well as the famous tuber, stands sell all the autumnal products this generous Appennine area offers including mushrooms, chestnuts, honey, officinal herbs and other agricultural and pastoral products (like Fossa cheese, a tradition that has recently been rediscovered). The careful selection of products and the specialities present at the fair are a guarantee of wholesomeness and freshness and make this event one of the most important in the sector. Specialities made using truffles and mushrooms can be savoured in the restaurants and on the stands. The roads, squares and most characteristic areas of the village, which boasts the title of “Truffle City”, are filled with inebriating aromas. Several exhibitions and shows are held lasting the entire duration of the event.

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Festival of Lou Dalfin

October 27, 2015 To November 1, 2015

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Venue :- Borgo San Dalmazzo, Cuneo

A quarter of a century is an important milestone and the Feast of Lou Dalfin, became in 2012 Uvernada testimony was no longer only a celebration of the group but a festival in all respects, is renewed and enlarged. After ten years in ground borgarina the new home will be Saluzzo, with whom contacts have been initiated by the end of 2014 based on a common idea of ​​development of the territory of which the first results are seen with the creation of Occit'amo. Saluzzo because city that lends itself to better reception of a festival like the Uvernada. Saluzzo because at the foot of the most impressive mountain of Occitan Valleys of Italy. Saluzzo because historically great pool of culture. And so that will be held from October 27 to November 1, 2015 will be the Uvernada longest and richest ever. With Scottish bagpipes of Caledonian Companion to resonate the Museum of Chivalry in the ancient prison of Castile (27 October), the melodies of the Provencal Corou de Berra accompanied by those of the Abbey choir Chisone fill voices the beautiful church of San John (28 October), the wind instruments of all Occitan tradition from the Pyrenees to the Alps to occupy the Old Town Hall (October 29). And then the big party, in a PalaCRS renewed following the rules of sound, with the trio Pyrenean Matta / Rouch, the star of Basque dance Patxi eta Konpania, squirrels Valley Stura Lou Seriol, present everywhere in these 25 years has hosted the Festival and DJ Pony Feel Good Productions to close in the evening of nightclubbing salsa world Friday, October 30. And continue Saturday, Oct. 31, the day of masche, with Lou Tapage originating right in Saluzzo and Valle Varaita, Plateau Arverne, combo music stars alvergnate created specially for Uvernada, Lou Dalfin in full recordings of the new album unpublished under the sign of Madaski and of course the indispensable presence of Dario & Manuel Big Band. Not forgetting the Fifre and tambours dau Pais Niçard, with their musical forays in the audience during the evening. Finally in the afternoon of Sunday, November 1 with a large gathering of traditional musicians from the valleys Chisone, Germanasca, Varaita and Vermenagna. And then the Exhibition of Violin Making and Crafts, richer than ever this year, the delivery of the Targa Mestre, the stages of the hurdy-gurdy, accordion, flutes and bagpipes of Stroppo at the School for Advanced Musical, music at the Saturday market morning ... and the association with There Yeast, national excellence in the field of craft beers, which will all'Uvernada microbreweries of the Occitan Valleys of Italy and the restaurant with the products of the basket of "Terre del MonViso".

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La sagra del Tordo

October 24, 2015 To October 25, 2015

Official Website :-
Venue :- Montalcino - Siena

La Sagra originates from the ancient hunting tradition of these areas; In fact, on the hill, where the olive groves alternate with vineyards and forests of the Mediterranean, in October is more intense than in other places, now as in the past, the flow of migratory birds from the north and particularly thrushes. In medieval hunters and falconers were beating the countryside and came home full of prey; they were then parties and banquets where everyone participated, nobles and people; the courage and skill of the men were measured in the rides, while women gave evidence of their abilities When preparing canteens with the game and with the generous wine of the place. Since morning the lads and wenches of Trescone, customs of the Tuscan countryside nineteenth, dance and sing accompanied by accordions, inviting everyone to join the party. Piazza Cavour Meanwhile, a procession made up of about fifty percent contained with costumes that are inspired by those of order three hundred four starts, studied in every detail and designed by costume of great importance, through the streets of the country colored by the flags of the four Districts. The blare of trumpets and drums accompany rullar the traditional homage to the Lady of the District of Fortress, which together with the ladies of his court waits under the porch of the Town Hall's return from hunting knights, pages and archers. From a overlooking under the tower, overlooking the Piazza del Popolo, the auctioneer read out the document declaring formally open the Festival of the Thrush, while, in honor of the Lords of Fortress, thrushes released in flight. The procession continues towards Piazza Garibaldi where, since the ancient churchyard, St. Egidio, the church of the Sienese in Montalcino, is imparted the blessing to the archers, real stars of the tournament afternoon. The set then go up to the fourteenth-century fortress. At the four Quarters of Montalcino you can taste the dishes and typical products: pappardelle with wild boar, pinci sauce, bean soup, grilled meats, all accompanied by the famous wines of Montalcino. In the afternoon, the parade resumes at a time of the tennis tournament, rebuilt in the shade of the ramparts of the fortress, And 'This is the time when rivalries, hopes antagonisms turn on and put the spotlight on archers, two for each district called, by a draw the previous day, to represent their colors on the field. The top four archers, one per district, and then the second four, all 'Order of the Captain Field, popping five arrows each in the series of four series in which gradually increase the distance and score; Wins Quarter that, after the competition, scored with his archers the most points, the end of the race the winner withdraws from District Captain of Campo a silver arrow award for the victory won, chanting songs joy and mockery towards other Districts. The festivities will continue throughout the winter and those who lost it must sorbi the songs and jokes of the winners. The Sagra is therefore not only historical event which becomes the show, but the expression of the way of being and social life of the people of Montalcino, who these days lives, fantastically, his past through the heated antagonism between Borghetto, the Pianello, Ruga and Travaglio, one of the four villages namely that fate a thousand years ago on the slopes of the hill, joined together, gave rise to the city.

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