Assisi Forgiveness

Assisi Forgiveness

August 1, 2016 To August 2, 2016

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What made it known all over the world the Portiuncula is above all the singular privilege of Indulgences, which goes by the name of "Pardon of Assisi", or - precisely -Indulgenza the Portiuncula, and eight centuries it converges towards it millions of pilgrims eager to cross the "gate of eternal life" to find peace and forgiveness. The Feast of Forgiveness begins the morning of August 1 and ends on the evening of August 2, days in which the Portiuncula Indulgence, here granted for every day of the year, extending to the parish churches and Franciscan worldwide. The most important religious aspect of the "Pardon of Assisi" - and every Indulgence - is the great spiritual benefit to the faithful, stimulated, to enjoy its benefits, confession and holy communion. Confession, preceded and accompanied by contrition for sins committed and the commitment to mend from their evil forever live as one's life according to the Gospel, as did all the saints Francis and Clare in particular, starting from the Porziuncola . The event of the Portiuncula Pardon remains an infinite manifestation of the mercy of God and a sign of the apostolic zeal of Francis of Assisi.

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