Bacchus at Palazzo

Bacchus at Palazzo

January 20, 2018 To January 21, 2018

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Venue :- Italy Emilia Romagna Ferrara Palazzo Roverella Corso Giovenca 47
Ferrara on 21-22 January 2017, reopens its doors to the second edition of "Bacchus at Palazzo - the wine visiting Ferrara", an event dedicated to the wine lovers. This year the days are interested on Saturday and Sunday with the following hours Saturday 21 from 10.00 to 22.00 and Sunday 22 from 10.00 to 20.00 hours. To host the winemakers from all over Italy: will the splendid rooms of Palazzo Roverella, located in Corso Heifer 47, Renaissance residence set in beautiful Ferrara. Bacchus at Palazzo Ferrara will lead to the fantastic expressions that the Italian territories can offer, in a grand celebration of wine producers approach, enthusiasts and professionals. During the two days, you will have the opportunity to taste and buy wines from wineries throughout Italy at the tables of the tenants an opportunity to discover authentic wines and quality and to know the faces and stories of the winemakers. On the evening of 21 there will be a "dinner with the producer", an opportunity to learn and develop the wines of some manufacturers of the viticultural landscape, combining them with sizzlers. During the dinner the wine pairings will be commented by the producers. Sunday 22 at 16.00 Guided tasting organized by AIS who will present the territory of origin, the grape variety and designation of various wines 7aziende present. In the attached flyer you can find information and costs. The entrance fee to the exhibition market is € 10,00Costo for AIS members and € Cumulative 8Costo sector operators for the two € 15

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