October 6, 2017 To October 8, 2017

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A flower Who has not received or given a flower in life? A flower means scent, color, smile, weeping, emotion, remember! How many moments of our lives are linked and stressed by these beautiful and fragile creatures of nature! Looking at the customs of the various peoples, we understand how much the language of flowers is interpreted differently in the various civilizations. But in 1990, two French-style chefs, Michel Bras and Marc Veyrat, began experimenting with flowers in their kitchen as an expression of their culinary philosophy of engaging with nature. Since then, the flowers have taken hold in the high spheres of the dining world. Ferran AdriĆ  was one of the first to use elderberry flowers and borage flowers ... Boccaccesca, always in search of the beautiful and good in the kitchen, could not overlook the edulent flowers, now used by the greatest chefs of the moment in their dishes, not just as decoration but also as a real dish. Boccaccesca 2017 will be inspired by the perfume, the color and the flavor of the flowers!

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