Medieval Days in Poggio di Otricoli

Medieval Days in Poggio di Otricoli

July 15, 2016 To July 17, 2016

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Venue :- Italy - Otricoli - TR
Medieval days of the ancient castle of Poggio di Mezzo. For three days and three nights, from 20 hours up to later ones, the most immersive middle ages, dynamic and collegiate. During the third weekend of July, the country seems to go down a sort of enchantment and distant past is commemorated with a talent and a really surprising liveliness. Wherever artists, craftsmen and colorful characters will welcome between games, music, dancing and traveling shows, in an atmosphere of great celebration: "For three continuous days the people of the village, the castle and the countryside and the fertile countryside of the proud Castle knoll half will compete in the games, and will govern the taverns with holy mug madonna Filomena, for the comfort of the empty stomachs and parched throats ... "

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