Palio del Daino

Palio del Daino

August 20, 2017 To August 20, 2017

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Venue :- Mondaino (RI) Emilia Romagna
The Palio of the Fallow deer of Mondaino Thirtieth edition for this event: The Palio of the Fallow deer is a must for the historical reconstruction, the scenography and the gastronomy, you can see the compete for some palio among the regions of Mondaino, for the duration of 4 days of battles in custom and parades. Unique occasion to visit otherwise inaccessible places. In the Circular Square events and shows follow to amuse the spectator but also to recall the ancient Fasts of the medieval life. The notable philological accuracy and the care of every particular, have made more the Palio of the Fallow deer among the affirmed demonstrations to national level, recognized by the European Consortium of Historical re-enactment. Ancient works, artisans, art of the workmanship of the glass, shops, musician, choristers and jugglers, shows, over that the exciting challenges of the regions, will be therefore the protagonists of the four evenings. Groups of historical reconstruction, actors and characters animate the taverns where comfort can be found in the evenings of the Palio. For the occasion menù and drinks typical of the Middle Ages they have served to the guests. Mondaino is a medieval-Renaissance suburb to alone 19 km from Cattolica 30 km from Rimini, easily reachable by car. Children below the 14 years enter free to the demonstration, while the adults cost of a ticket is 10 € Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The evenings and the shows begin every day from h 18:00.

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