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July 9, 2016 To July 24, 2016

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PENNABILLI, MONTEFELTRO, TONINO GUERRA The Exhibition of Antique of Pennabilli City is steeped in history and in the green of Montefeltro, between Romagna and Marche. Only 40 km from Rimini, Montefeltro is a great place for a weekend away from the beach crowd, discovering of mysterious castles and fortified villages, cities rich in art and history, fresh landscapes away from the traffic and concrete, houses where the kitchen and the hospitality were those of the past. In particular, the city of Pennabilli is a small Pearl to discover, perched on the western slopes of Monte Carpegna. Pennabilli, characteristic village with medieval, owes its name to the union of two ancient castles, that of Billi on Rupe and Penna, above the Roccione. Despite the small size (currently has about 3,000 inhabitants) boasts Pennabilli a past rich in history that oozes from the walls and the perfectly preserved buildings. Pennabilli century, it is on one hand a link with the Malatesta, which boasts of being the "cradle", before it descended family in Romagna, Verucchio and Rimini; the other, the strong sense of belonging to the Duchy of Urbino, which marks the Marches fate of the center and the link with the Montefeltro family before and Della Rovere then. Moreover, Pennabilli is from 1572 seat of the Diocese of Montefeltro (now called S. Marino Montefeltro): the Cathedral, the Shrine of St. Augustine with the monument of the Madonna delle Grazie, the Convent of the Augustinian, the Church and the Hospital of Mercy they are a tangible sign of this important role for centuries. a great testimonial of our days of Pennabilli is the poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra Romagnolo, who conceived and designed the museum spread the places of the soul, which winds through the village of Pennabilli and the High Val Marecchia. The seven open-air museums, united by a common vision to urge the soul and imagination of the visitor, are The Garden of Forgotten Fruits, which collects the species disappeared from local fruit trees and works of art created by artists of area; The Road of Sundials, which runs through the center of the country and is embellished with seven sundials depicting famous paintings; The petrified garden, in the hamlet of Bascio, which houses seven ceramic carpets dedicated to as many historical figures; The Angel with Moustache multimedia work in the Chapel of the Fallen; the Sanctuary of Thoughts a meditation garden adorned with stone sculptures Oriental; Refuge of Abandoned Madonnas, which includes a collection of sacred images that adorned the cells at the intersections of country roads in the Upper Marecchia; Our Lady of the Snow Rectangle is a church located in the woods, built, it is said, thanks to a divine sign. In Pennabilli there is also a space named "The World of Tonino Guerra" where hospitality is his artistic work: not only a museum, but also a living place in which the poet presents his work, holds screenwriting classes, stages his reading Theatre, meets students and thanks to the archive, the library, photo library, and the library set up inside, it is time for study and analysis of his work and the context in which it was born and developed. TRADITION AND QUALITY The exhibition of Antique of Pennabilli City is one of the oldest festivals of our country for over thirty years is the reference point for thousands of ancient art lovers who wish to spend a "moment" total quality. Quality that is found as from the places that host the show, far from distracting and sometimes anonymous fairgrounds, the exhibition of Pennabilli is steeped in history and in the green of Montefeltro. It 'a "journey" real and figured among ancient fortified villages bursting with art and poetry, unspoiled landscapes and genuine hospitality, in proximity to the sea. The visit to the exhibition is a cultural experience all round. Otherwise it would be difficult to understand how this event will grow and bloom every year in a small town of only three thousand inhabitants in a valley dotted with small villages who, alone, can not justify the large and knowledgeable audience that is found in each edition. TOURISM AND TERRITORY Summer tourism has increasingly diversified to meet the changing and growing needs of the Italian and foreign guests; so, after a day at the beach, there's nothing better than a few hours of rest in the hills, in the Montefeltro region. Here you will discover mysterious castles and fortified villages, cities rich in art and history, fresh landscapes away from the traffic and concrete, houses where the kitchen and the hospitality were those of the past. In Pennabilli site contains historical information and art related to the city area and the whole area "Malatesta" with detailed directions to places and routes to visit. Do not miss tourist signs for a pleasant stay, suggestions for overnight stays and many proposals for wine tastings. The holiday will be even more pleasant if combined with the opportunity for a culture of excellent quality appointment as Pennabilli Antiques. Like every year, this great little museum half an hour from the sea (Rimini is only 40km), it will offer the public the excitement of lay eyes on authentic masterpieces which the patina of time added to their intrinsic beauty of the memory charm.

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