Saint Orso Fair

Saint Orso Fair

January 30, 2017 To January 31, 2017

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Venue :- Italy - Valdaosta - Aosta (AO)
In the streets of Aosta every year takes place an event that highlights the fruits of craft work of the Aosta Valley: sculptures, turned objects, works of carving, weaving. Wood is certainly the "king" of the Fair, but there are wonderful examples of stonework soap, iron, copper, ceramics, glass, fabrics and lace the result of the skills and imagination of artisans and hobbyists. The year 1000 is considered the year "zero" of the Fair. Legend has it that all began in the Church of Saint Orso. Just opposite the church, the Holy, who lived before the ninth century, it used to distribute clothing to the poor and "sabot", the traditional wooden footwear still present today at the Fair. These days, it is now all over the city center is involved in the event, which has turned into a great moment of celebration. The two days are an opportunity for artisans, visitors and enthusiasts to meet, have a chat, exchange ideas and suggestions and come into contact with a world of gestures handed down from generation to generation that lives and evolves today , in the digital age. The Fair is also music and folklore, an opportunity to participate in wine tastings and an opportunity to attend live demonstrations. The symbols The symbol of the event is the Rooster, but there are many objects linked to tradition. The Sabot course, the Friendship Cup and Grolla, the "Tata" toys and then the objects of daily use until a few decades ago: rakes, bins and baskets, barrels. The pendants The pendant badge of the Fair is a great souvernir and can be purchased at the banquet located at the Porta Praetoria. Different in each edition, it is a tool or instrument used by farmers and ranchers. Even the ASIV - sculptors and carvers Association - offers a pendant for sale to the Conseil des Commis street bank. The funds raised are donated to an association of voluntary Aosta Valley.

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