Santa Cristina Festival

Santa Cristina Festival

July 23, 2016 To July 25, 2016

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Venue :- Italy - Gallipoli, Lecce
Holy Cristina, co-patron together with Holy Agata, of the City of Gallipoli, it is the protectress of the people of sea from when, in 1867, sipped the city from the cholera that it had been raging for months. In Aldo Moro square stands, in the Chapel to her devoted, a beautiful statue in cartapesta that withdraws her tied up to a pole and pierced through by arrows, as martyr was dead, to alone 20 years in the 290 d. C. The celebrations are characterized for the beautiful illuminations for the whole Course Rome called "the villa" and for her "Abundance sea" in the breast of the Reed in mean to an exultant crowd. The Abundance is a competition among athletic young people that must be climbed on a vertical pole, greasy of fat, sets to bow of a fishing-boat. The objective is a tricolor flag it posts to the extremity. According to an ancient belief, in the day of Saint Cristina, the bath could not be made to sea because the Saint brought her/it "steddha." Such belief was born in 1807, when a child 11-year-old died in sea and was thought about the fact as to a transgression of the sacred day that must be sanctified with the renouncement to the pleasures. Still today in someone this fear survives.

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