Sas Tappas in Mamujada

Sas Tappas in Mamujada

November 4, 2016 To November 6, 2016

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Venue :- Italy Sardinia Mamoiada (Nuoro)
The event Sas Tappas in Mamujada arrives this year its fourteenth edition November 4 to 6 in 2016. A success from the first year of accession to the circuit Autumn in Barbagia. In 2003 he founded the innovative idea to create a food and wine and craft route mamoiadina resume its tradition of making "stage" (stop) in cellars and in the homes of friends to taste a piece of cheese, bread and a glass of wine . That is how this path in the heart of the country, combining on the one hand the culinary tradition of Mamoiada boasting among other original recipes and confectionery tradition of respect and on the other the craft tradition that ranges from the creation of the masks Mamuthones on the knife work, the work of wood carving to the manufacture of traditional costumes and various artistic works born in recent years in the wake of the event. To complete the picture of course can not miss the exhibition in the streets of the historic center of Mamuthones Issohadores that have always fascinated visitors. Some years are also hosted "tappas" foreign or regional, thus creating a cultural exchange and a comparison with other realities. Associated with exposure to food and wine tastings and there are also various cultural activities, events and exhibitions organized in support of the event, missed visits to the Museum of the Mediterranean Masks, The Mater, the Museum of Culture and Labour and the two seat Cultural associations Pro Loco and Atzeni Beccoi who complete this original journey through flavors and tradition in the "country of the masks."

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